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About T-tracs®


Our mission at T-tracs® is to help protect all our personal and professional information that is stored in your electronic devices and possessions you carry daily. Our goal is to make our customer’s feel secure and confident that their devices will always be charged and accessible. We have designed our product for people whose day are full of activities and finding themselves in a situation looking for a plug. T-tracs® Patten design not only protects but has the capability of keeping your electronics charged and ready 24/7. In today's world, it is so important to have the ability to stay connected with people at work, the family, or Social activities. So, with your T- tracs®, the days of losing your power are non-existent. Stay in touch, stay mobile, stay active with your T-tracs®.  

 How is T-tracs®?

T-tracs® is a company based in the US. We designs produces in leather, cotton canvas, and nylon, we started are company in 2018 to supply customers with the highest quality products at a reasonable prices.

What is T-tracs®?

T-tracs® is the world's one of a kind multi-functional tactical body holster that Organizes your electronics, charger, and daily personal possessions, all together and ready for use 24/7. Our patent design allows you to stay plugged in and charged while holding your belongings safe, secure, and accessible.
T-tracs®' tactical body hosted gives you comfort, style, security, and accessible you can count on in your daily activities. You have all your everyday possessions at your fingertips, ready when you are.
Power on the Go! For Work School and All your Activities
If you use your Cell Phone Tablet or Electronic devices in your daily routine like School, Work, Cycling, Skinning, Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Walking, Running, Traveling, Sports events, Gaming, Ski Patrol,  Hunting, Detectives. To name a few, and you want to stay connected while having your equipment safe and secure, then you should be wearing T-tracs®.
T-tracs® patented design was created, to fit your body for comfortable and style. 
When you slide into your three-piece, multi-functional patented design, You'll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. T-tracs® makes it enjoyable to carry what you need to succeed in the 21st century.
T-tracs® four fabric, is Heavy Nylon, Hurricane Nylon, Cotton Canvas, and Nappa Leather. All high-quality water-resistant material, so your communication equipment and other daily personal possessions, is safer and protected from the environment.

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What Make T-tracs®?


T-tracs® designed high-quality materials for a long-lasting, comfortable, and enjoyable fit.  

T-tracs® features materials are Heavy Nylon, Hurricane Nylon, Cotton Canvas, and Nappa Leather, with quality stitching to give it a luxurious look you deserve.


You'll love the way it looks, as it provides protection and easy access to all your devices and daily personal possessions.


T-tracs® is ready to take on whatever you can dream up. Whether at work, play, relaxing, hiking, or traveling, T-tracs will always have your equipment available 24/7. 


T-tracs® is worthy of holding the world's most advanced mobile communication devices in a safe, secure, and stylish environment.




  • The shoulder harness has a triangular back, the bottom width is10 1/2” high is 7”, and the top is 6”.
  • There are two adjustable straps, each with a D-ring that attaches, to the pockets.
  • Two 2”x 8” piece of Hook and Loop at the bottom on each side of the harness.


    • Two pockets on each side, one 9 ½" × 6 ½" × 1/2" with a 7" Zipper, the other is 6 ½" × 5× ½" with a 5" zipper and sits on top, with a stylish flap covering both pockets.
    • Each pocket has a D-ring that's secure to the harness bottom side hook and loop. On the top back inside, a one 1 ½" x 4" Hook and Loop attaches to the harness stirp.
    • The right pocket has a D ring on the bottom inside corner. The left pocket has a hook and loop belt attached to the bottom inside the edge that is used to secures the pockets in front.
    • The pockets D-ring adjusted to the harness bottom side hook and loop.


    • Heavy Nylon, Hurricaine Nylon, Cotton Canvas, and Nappa Leather.


    • Nylon; Black,
    • Cotton Canvas; Black, Green, Wine, and Grey.
    • Leather; Black, Tan, Cafe

    Black Leather


    Basic Black...How can you go wrong. Always in fashion, Always in style. Perfect choice for any gift.

    Tan Leather

    The most popular of all my leathers. Year after year, its always been my best seller. And what more can be said about a bestseller...its great!!!

    Cafe Leather

    For those who want to be just a little different. Still a safe gift choice. Just a little step away from the basics. 


      T-tracs® Body Holster in Action